Technology has touched human lives

Corporate Training

Every organization across the world is focused on improving the productivity of team members. HR has taken a serious view of it and focusing on including re-skilling and training of employees as their core initiative. Statistics prove that organizations that invest in training programs are more attuned to achieving their goals and have employees who are more productive.

Krisfog is a Corporate Training Platform where organizations keen to upgrade their staff through trainings is serviced with an objective-driven approach. We offer the best expert for the training at a cost-efficient rate.


Technology has touched human lives in every possible manner, and it keeps changing with each passing minute, thereby making it necessary to learn new skills and strengthen our knowledge of existing ones. However, we lack training on full-fledged functions of software tools and are thus unable to use it to its fullest capacity. Thus, it makes business sense to update ourselves on using new technologies.
In the IT sector, organizations have project-driven compulsions, which require urgent training interventions. SLAs and Project requirements compel project managers to opt for training interventions to prepare their team for timely deliverables. The urgent need to train the team in a short timeframe and with minimal investments leads the companies to reach out to us for training. Krisfog helps in training the team professionally and making them project-ready. We offer a gamut of training programs that are focused towards IT professionals and end users.

The dynamism of IT has compelled IT professionals to sharpen their skills continuously. Krisfog specializes in niche technical skills that are project relevant and deadline-oriented. We also offer Corporate training programs to upgrade your employees’ skills and enable them to perform better in their current role. Our world-class Subject Matter Experts/instructors provide customized technical training programs to make your executives more adept with the technology and prepare your IT professionals for a more fulfilling career.

Our flexible training programs are designed as per your business segment and demand to boost your organization’s software skills. We cover the length and breadth of topics about technology and deliver highly interactive and result-oriented corporate IT training programs for small, medium, and large organizations.

We Teach All Programming Languages

  • Fundamental programming languages
  • Core Java/Advanced Java
  • End to End Web Development
  • End to End Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Blogging
  • Branding and Logo Designing
  • SAP ERP Modules
  • Oracle and Other database applications
  • Testing 
  • Support in projects
  • Academic guide and project guidance 
  • Dot Net 
  • Microsoft tools
  • Online Training based on Demand
  • Other latest technologies based on demand.

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Our flexible training programs are designed as per your business segment and demand to boost your organization’s software skills.

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