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HRIO New Generation game coming soon

HRIO New Generation game coming soon

The Intrinsic Game is a 3D brawler style game for the iPad based on the comic book series of the same name by HRIO Comics, taking place in an epic battle for the future of the universe, where a powerful team of heroes face off the hordes of the apocalypse.

Design Goals

The game aims to achieve the following goals:

1. Establish the HRIO verse and familiarize players with the characters and events of The Intrinsic, as well as with other characters from books published by HRIO. 2. Serve as a prototype and first level of an ongoing serialized comic book video game. 3. Develop an achievements system that rewards the player with HRIO content (comic book covers, videos, comic books and artwork). 4. Develop a fun gameplay, based on: a. Discovery – players discover the storyline, new levels, as well as the several achievements and prizes. b. Advancement – the playable characters will be able to advance in levels and become stronger. c. Power – the game is about fighting your enemies and emerging victorious through several battles. 5. Have art and design that are faithful to the HRIO style, as developed in the comic books.

Influences & Sources

We have extensively researched the HRIO books and characters in order to get an idea of the right look and feel for this game, as well as to develop ideas for the gameplay, story, and interactions. We paid particular attention to the books of Kade, Kore, Philosopher Rex, Candice Crow, as well as the resources that were provided by HRIO . Additionally, the team researched other comic books and comic book based video games by publishers such as DC and Marvel. In particular the gameplay and story development of Marvel’s War of the Gems and it’s corresponding game, and DC’s Infinite Crisis. We reviewed several games in the side scroller 3D brawler action genre or related ones: Marvel War of the Gems, Battle Heroes, Wolfboy, Colosseum, and many others. Finally, we looked at modern mobile apps with some relation to our development, such as digital comics, social games and e-books.

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