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KRISFOG Labs is offshore software development company specializing in web, ERP, Cloud and Mobile Apps development. Our expertise lies in reducing costs and improving productivity by bringing the strategic advantage of Software Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development to the doorstep of our customer in more ways than one. Thereby improving reliability, speed, agility and enabling our customers to achieve sustainable differential advantage over their competition.

Your idea! Our solutions

Our engagement models are flexible, scalable, secure and custom defined based on specific individual needs of our customers. We follow the right strategy to ensure business transformation, lower operational costs and quick time to market ensuring 100% success for our customer’s business and in the process ensuring business continuity for us. We are engaged in the following technologies.

Web Application Development


Our forte lies in developing responsive and dynamic user-interfaces for web applications for smooth user experience.


A strong backend is vital for any software application to function properly, and the technologies our team works with make sure of it.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

For projects that require easy and efficient management of website content, we offer Content Management System (CMS) integrations for the following platforms.

Mobile App Development


For native mobile app development projects, we utilize platform-oriented technologies to build user-friendly mobile apps.


Our team uses tools and technologies that allow cross-platform applications to perform efficiently on multiple mobile platforms.

Cloud Platform

Our team has specialized skills to develop cloud-native applications for the three most popular cloud computing platforms. This ensures that your application is able to scale well beyond the original version.